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innovation Timber decking with Accoya Color Grey decking boards

Accoya Color Grey: a coloured variation of sustainable Accoya wood

Accoya Color Grey is a new product that offers all the usual properties of Accoya wood, but it is impregnated with grey pigment to the core. It is the perfect option for outdoor projects.

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innovation Seven new, on-trend colours

Find your colour: colour trends 2024

Carpentier presents seven enchanting and timeless on-trend colours for wood finishes. See them here!

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in de media Project finished with Accoya cladding

Accsys signs Carpentier Hardwood Solutions as new Distributor in Belgium

We are proud to announce that Carpentier is a certified Accoya® supplier. Read the press release Accsys sent out to the world here.

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news Saddleback timber-frame house

COP28 announcement pushes for more timber in construction

During the climate summit in Dubai, 17 countries signed a declaration supporting more sustainable timber constructions. As a leading partner in the field of timber-frame buildings, we are delighted with this development.

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innovation XXL shutters with adjustable louvers

XXL shutters made to measure

Thanks to a sturdy design in HOTwood ash, we can now supply shutters with extra long louvers. This opens up a wide range of new applications, complementing any architectural design beautifully.

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innovation A clip grip on a Grad® clip to prevent boards from moving

The Grad® Clip Grip, a circular solution

With vertical cladding, the inexorable pull of gravity is often a problem. Carpentier now offers an ingenious tool that offers a circular solution.

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blogpost Modern timber-frame house

Is timber-frame construction sustainable?

Timber-frame is a winner on the ecological front and offers many other advantages. Would you like to know what they are? Find out here.

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innovation HOTwood Clear Pine cladding Piano profile with a stylish open look

Piano profile with a stylish open look

Enjoy the look of ribbed cladding using our closed joint cladding in knot-free thermal pine. This product is suitable for interior and exterior use.

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news Timber-frame house detail

Timber-frame construction v traditional construction methods

One of the most important decisions to make at the outset of a building project is the construction method. Here we explain the main differences.

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innovation Pre-weathered wood

Pre-weathered wood

Thanks to years of research, Carpentier has succeeded in reproducing the natural weathering of thermally modified wood in the most realistic way possible.

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news Wasp gnawing into timber cladding

“Lemonade” wasps attack timber cladding

Wasps gnaw into weather-affected timber cladding to make their nests. But don’t worry; the damage is easily repaired.

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news Wooden construction project Stockholm Wood City, Atrium Ljungberg

The world’s biggest urban wooden construction project will be in Stockholm

The “Stockholm Wood City” project, from developer Atrium Ljungberg, will house 2000 wooden homes and 7000 timber-frame offices.

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events Architect@Work London

Join us at Architect@Work in London

We are pleased to invite you to Architect@Work London, the event reserved for architects and designers and focused on worldwide design innovations.

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innovation Seamless installation system for unparallelled QuickClip® profiles

System refinements for even more architectural options

More and more people are opting to add adventurous touches to architectural projects. Thanks to an innovative refinement of our invisible installation system, boards can be seamlessly integrated perpendicular to the facade.

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news Circular Hotel-Interior certification for wood panelling and ceilings

Circular certification for our wood panelling and ceilings

Our sustainable QuickClip® products have been awarded the EU’s new CIRCULAR Hotel-Interior certification for hotel interior products.

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blogpost CITES CoP19 in Panama City

Ipé and Cumaru included in Appendix II of CITES list

To ensure the survival of Ipé and Cumaru, CITES will oversee international trade in these tropical wood species from now on.

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news Carpentier, partner of Noa Outdoor Living Kruisem

Carpentier joins forces with high-end outdoor brands at NOA outdoor living

Visit the NOA outdoor experience centre to see our innovative products in an atmospheric garden setting. Let's go for a walk in the park!

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news Corporate video Carpentier

Carpentier in 90 seconds

We are proud to present our new corporate video.

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in de media Project with Carpentier timber in The Art of Living

Be at one with nature in a luxury patio house

Discover an exceptionally beautiful project built using our wood profiles in the latest edition of the book The Art of Living.

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events Voka Charter Sustainable Entrepreneurship 2022

Carpentier receives third Voka Charter for Sustainable Entrepreneurship

After another year of concerted efforts focusing on the UN’s sustainable development goals, we were proud to receive the Voka Charter certificate 2022.

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innovation Carpentier app for wooden outbuildings, gates and timber-frame construction

Our revolutionary iPad app is ready for timber-frame construction

From now on, woodworking professionals can use our app to design and visualise a timber-frame house or extension and to draw up price quotations.

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inspiratie Circular use of timber cladding

An example of a circular project: Fietsen Devos, Waregem

An expansion of these business premises offered a great demonstration of just how circular our QuickClip® products can be.

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blogpost Decking in Accoya wood with outstanding durability

Why choose Accoya wood?

Accoya is an ideal wood variety for outdoor projects. Read on to find out more about its unique advantages - and also what you need to know before opting for this innovative, sustainable wood.

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news Acoustic test resultats wooden ceilings

Results of acoustic tests available online

A certified lab has confirmed the outstanding performance of our acoustic ceiling panels.

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news Thermo ash cladding Fine line QC

The right type of cladding for every project

Are you looking for attractive timber cladding for the exterior of a home, outbuilding or office? If so, read on to find out all about our various cladding types and the advantages of each.

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news Plug-and-play wooden swing gate

Carpentier goes global with plug-and-play gates

Architects and builders beyond Belgium are discovering the advantages of our plug-and-play wooden gates, which arrive ready for installation with only a minimum of work required at the site.

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news Black timber cladding in black oiled wood

The timeless appeal of black timber cladding

Discover our beautiful exterior cladding profiles and finishes in black wood, with plenty of examples to inspire you.

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news Sustainable forest management, a priority

Sustainable forest management: a long-term priority

Sustainable forest management has always been important for Carpentier. In 2021 we demonstrated our commitment by planting trees in Peru and Armenia with Go Forest.

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news Timber-frame construction | Carpentier Hardwood Solutions

FSC® Netherlands launches its ‘Wood in Social Housing Construction’ project

With this large-scale project, FSC® Netherlands is keen to demonstrate the huge potential of timber-frame construction and its obvious suitability for homebuilding.

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news Sustainable wood varieties

New products in Carpentier’s sustainable range

Carpentier is developing sustainable alternatives to fill gaps left by the scarcity of some wood products.

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innovation Plug-and-play prefab houtskeletwanden

Plug-and-play prefab walls for timber-frame construction

For timber-frame construction, Carpentier supplies prefab walls with wood cladding already installed. This innovative service dramatically speeds up the construction of wooden houses.

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news Voka Charter Duurzaam ondernemen

Carpentier again awarded Voka Charter for Sustainable Business

Following a year of very hard work, we have received the Voka Charter for Sustainable Business for 2021.

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news SDG's aanplanting bomen met impact

Carpentier plants 700 trees for real impact

In step with the Voka Charter for Sustainable Entrepreneurship, Carpentier is working with Go Forest to plant trees in regions where they are urgently needed.

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news Nieuwe samenwerking tussen Carpentier en HfM

A new year, a new collaboration …

Carpentier and HfM announce a new collaborative effort that will improve local service in Luxembourg.

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innovation Aluminium cladding Fine line | Carpentier

Fine line profile now also available in aluminium

Carpentier’s popular Fine line profile is now also available in aluminium. Thanks to its invisible installation system, this open-joint exterior cladding is a perfect combination of seamless cladding and stylish design.

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innovation Plug-and-play solution wooden gates | Carpentier

Plug-and-play solution for wooden gates

Our plug-and-play solution makes installing a Carpentier wooden gate easier than ever. The entire project can be completed on site in just a single day.

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innovation Acoustic ceiling panels | Carpentier

Seamless acoustic ceiling panels

Increasingly, acoustic comfort is major aspect of interior architecture. In response, Carpentier has developed ceiling panels that feature warm, pleasing aesthetics and are designed for optimum absorption of sound waves.

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innovation Ignite wall cladding

IIgnite: a new profile with a charred look

Carpentier has expanded its assortment of durable HOTwood pine profiles. With its attractive charred appearance, Ignite is an attractively priced alternative for charred wood.

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news Wooden fencing HOTwood ash SV+ profile

Product in the spotlight

Wooden fencing with vertical SV+ profile: SPECIAL OFFER!

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news Voka Charter Duurzaam Ondernemen

Carpentier awarded Voka Charter for Sustainable Entrepreneurship

We are proud to announce that Voka has presented us with its Charter for Sustainable Entrepreneurship for 2020.

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innovation Circular decking and cladding system

Circular decking and cladding system

Circular construction is the future, and it is just as important as sustainable construction. With this in mind Carpentier is making sure that circular systems play a major part in new product development.

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innovation Terrasplank bol geschaafd TPBQC

HOTwood decking boards with improved water run-off

We have developed a new thermal ash decking board with a slightly convex profile.

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events Carpentier at Polyclose 2020

Carpentier honoured to attend Polyclose

From 15 to 17 January 2020 Carpentier will attend Polyclose. Request your free tickets here!

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news Carpentier op Architect@Work Kortrijk

Visit Carpentier at Architect@Work, Kortrijk Xpo

On 9 and 10 May, Carpentier will attend the Flemish edition of Architect@Work in the Kortrijk Xpo.

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innovation Drawing/Calculation app

Drawing and calculation app

The Carpentier drawing and calculation app is every professional’s dream tool: an instrument that makes it easy to design and visualise any wooden outbuilding and then calculate its cost.

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innovation Módulo


Bjorn Verlinde developed Módulo, an innovative concept for designing modern wooden outbuildings using basic modular units.

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innovation Ceiling systems

Ceiling systems

Our smart systems are perfect for interior applications such as wooden ceiling panels. In combination with stable thermal wood varieties, the unique Grad system enables fast, invisible installation.

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innovation Wooden shutters

Wooden shutters

Our commitment to innovation has inspired us to develop wooden shutters for a wide range of applications.

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innovation Louvered roof systems

Louvered roof systems

Carpentier presents the only louvered roof system in which only wooden elements are visible, now in a ready-to-use kit for woodworking professionals.

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news Discovery Days 2018

Successful discovery days

The discovery days were a great success thanks to all of you being there.

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events Carpentier International trade fairs

International trade fairs

We attend leading trade fairs at home and abroad to present our new products to wood professionals and the public at large.

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innovation HOTwood

Charred wood

Carpentier uses the Japanese Shou Sugi Ban charring technique to give wood a unique and authentic finish that also protects against the effects of wind and weather.

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innovation QuickClip®, a unique mounting system


Thanks to QuickClip®, it is now easier than ever to construct a wooden patio, install a gate or apply cladding to a ceiling or interior or exterior wall!

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