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Carpentier goes global with plug-and-play gates


Our high-quality wooden gates are finding their way into the international marketplace. And one of the things that makes them particularly interesting to buyers abroad is how quickly they come together. Delivered as ready-made kits, they arrive ready to be slotted into place. This system is so efficient that installation can be completed in a single day with a minimum of inconvenience on site. Two recent projects in Germany show off our products at their best.

Wooden swing gate with matching garden gate, Hamburg

In Hamburg, we recently created a swing gate in wood that features an integrated garden gate for pedestrian entry. As a finish, the customer selected our Plus line profile in pre-weathered HOTwood ash cladding. Just like the wooden swinging and sliding gates that we produce for our Belgian customers, this one was also fully assembled in our workshop in Meulebeke, where we also mounted it on its concrete foundation. Once it was completely ready for installation, the entire gate was taken to Hamburg by truck and delivered directly to the end customer. Since a trench had already been dug at the site, all that was left to do was to lift the completed gate into place.

Plug-and-play plaatsing houten draaipoort    Plug-and-play plaatsing houten draaipoort

A plug-and-play solution such as this represents enormous added value for the architect, garden architect or builder. But naturally, end customers also appreciate the quick installation and the convenience of our gates.

Automated sliding gate, Velen

In the German state of Nordrhein-Westfalen, we delivered a wooden sliding gate that was installed in a single day.

Plug-and-play houten schuifpoort

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