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The world’s biggest urban wooden construction project will be in Stockholm


In a few years’ time, the Swedish capital will be home to the largest wooden urban project in the world. Stockholm Wood City will cover 250,000 square metres and will include 2,000 houses and 7,000 office spaces, all made from wood. It will offer a dynamic urban environment; a mix of timber-frame homes, work spaces, restaurants and shops.

Stockholm Wood City: 7,000 office spaces and 2,000 wooden homes
Innovative wooden construction project in Stockholm

The groundbreaking is scheduled for 2025 and the first buildings should be completed in 2027. “This ambitious project is a historic step. It illustrates the very best in Swedish sustainable innovation,” commented Atrium Ljungberg CEO, Annica Ånäs. “The environmental footprint of the construction sector is huge. With projects like this, we can make a difference.”

Timber-frame is booming right now and is in the press all over the world. The construction sector plays an absolutely crucial role in the transition to a green economy because buildings make up 40% of CO2 emissions globally. However, timber-frame projects are often no more than an individual building or a few houses. A whole neighbourhood made up of several large buildings is something that has never been done before.  

The advantages of timber-frame construction

There are many advantages to timber-frame. First of all wood - as long as it comes from sustainable-managed forests - is an ecological, circular and renewable construction material that captures CO2. So those concerned about the environment and keen to reduce their carbon footprint opt for the sustainability of timber-frame. And this is the case not only for timber-frame houses. Even with a wooden home extension or wooden outbuilding, you are helping reduce CO2 emissions. To find out more about these various types of timber-frame constructions, contact Carpentier and get advice from the experts.

Furthermore, several studies have shown that timber-frame offers better air quality and a more pleasant indoor climate, thus increasing well-being. And for building professionals, the timber-frame construction process also offers many advantages compared to traditional construction methods.

Read Atrium Ljungberg’s original press release here.