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An example of a circular project: Fietsen Devos, Waregem


When cycling shop Fietsen Devos expanded its premises, our circular cladding was reused in the new design. At the owner’s request, we combined existing and new cladding to form a harmonious look for the entire facade. Read on to find out how we did it.

Fietsen Devos opened its doors 10 years ago in a small space in the Posterijstraat in Waregem. At the time, the cycling shop’s facade was given a seamless finish using our Rhombus QuickClip® profile in HOTwood ash. And when the popularity of cycling skyrocketed during the COVID pandemic, it was time for Fietsen Devos to expand its floor space.

Expansion plans called for a remodelling of the front wall, but luckily the existing cladding could be fully dismantled and later replaced in the new design. Removing the cladding was a quick and easy job, since it consisted of QuickClip® profiles installed with the smart Grad installation system. All that was needed was a set of dismantling keys. After a little rejuvenation in our workshop, the cladding was once again seamlessly installed on its aluminium frame. And just like the first time, installation was invisible and each wooden board was perfectly aligned.

For this project, the durable timber cladding that was already in place was not enough to cover the entire new facade. We therefore combined the existing cladding with new wood cladding for the ceiling of the entryway. The profile we chose was HOTwood ash Plank with tongue and groove, which we pre-weathered in our workshop to attain a harmonious look. This pre-weathering treatment is unique to us, and used only on thermo ash. The result is a lovely even colour across the entire surface, and a truly eye-catching exterior for the shop.

This is a particularly successful project that once again demonstrates the circular advantages of our QuickClip® products.

Thermisch essen gevelbekleding na opfrisbeurt
Opgefriste houten gevelbekleding in thermisch essen

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