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The timeless appeal of black timber cladding


Exterior cladding in black wood is an increasingly on-trend choice. And while black may seem like a neutral colour, a black facade can give a house eye-catching appeal. Moreover, wood offers the perfect combination of clean lines and warmth. There are countless ways to integrate black timber cladding into exterior architecture, and anyone who is a fan of black outer walls will find plenty to like at Carpentier. As well as our unique ready-to-use profiles that are always available in black, we can also supply charred wood. Or we can finish the wood of your choice by applying a black oil or stain in our workshop. Be inspired!

Zwarte houten gevelbekleding zwart geolied met Rubio Monocoat
Zwarte houten gevelbekleding in gebrand hout

Charred wood

Charred wood is a popular choice for exterior cladding. This is partly because of its beautiful black colour, but also because the Shou Sugi Ban charring method makes it highly durable as well as fire-resistant. Also known as Yakisugi, this ancient technique originated in Japan, where it was developed to treat the cedar boards used in house construction to help stop the spread of fire. Charring also protects wood against damage from UV radiation, insects and fungi. The controlled surface-burning process makes the wood even stronger, at the same time creating a charred layer that is unusually elegant and beautiful. And because each wood is different in appearance and has its own texture, the results are always unique. Charred thermo ash has a completely different appearance than, for example, charred Douglas fir or Accoya.

By varying the degree of charring, we can obtain a range of tints from lightly toasted to intense black. We can also brush the wood before or after charring. Finally, we always apply a fixative that prevents the charred layer from rubbing off. This has the added advantage of making charred wood a very low-maintenance product. In time, weathering will cause the charred surface to develop a beautiful patina.

The charred wood look

Are you keen to add some texture to your architectural design, but prefer something other than a charred surface? Our Ignite profile in HOTwood pine is an outstanding alternative when a design calls for black timber cladding. The surface pattern of the boards looks exactly like charred wood. To obtain it, thermally modified pine is given a relief finish, brushed and tinted black. The result is a unique profile, as attractive as its price, and more affordable than charred wood. Ignite is a low-maintenance option that requires no more than a coat of water-based black paint every five to seven years. The boards retain their charred appearance over their entire lifespan, and they are guaranteed to last for years.

Ignite profiel in thermisch naaldhout met gebrande look

Black oiled wood

Our range includes a number of profiles that are always available in black. In our thermo pine range, for instance, these include the Jump line and Shiplap profiles.

We can also apply a black finish to the profile of your choice. Depending on the materials you choose, we can achieve the exact colour you desire. Our wood professionals can tell you all you need to know about oil and stain finishes for wood.

Other uses for black timber cladding

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