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Wooden fencing with vertical SV+ profile: special offer!

A variety of set widths arranged in a random pattern gives our SV+ (Plus Line) profile a distinctive appearance. Boards are 20mm thick and can be installed on aluminium joists using our pre-mounted QuickClip® system for a seamless result. With products delivered in convenient ready-to-use kits, professional installation is quicker than ever.

Our SV+ profile wooden fencing is available in HOTwood ash and HOTwood pine. Both of these ecologically-friendly wood varieties are prized for their exceptional stability and sustainability. Even weathering accentuates their natural beauty over time, eliminating the need for further maintenance with stain or oil. 

As a special offer, we are offering a 15% discount on prices shown until the end of February 2021. 

See our SV+ profile fencing in HOTwood ash

See our SV+ profile fencing in HOTwood pine