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The Clip Grip, a circular solution


Durability is at the heart of our innovation strategy. We are constantly looking to optimise our products and systems in order to make life easier for professionals and promote circularity. With the clip grip, we can now offer you a new tool which prevents vertical cladding from sliding down Grad® clips.

Because of gravity and the weight of the boards, QuickClip® profiles that are fitted vertically can slide down Grad® clips on the aluminium rails. Traditionally, professionals tend to use glue to solve this problem, but that runs counter to the unique circular nature of our QuickClip® cladding.

To further our push for innovation with a sustainable impact, we have improved the system for fixing QuickClip® cladding by coming up with a smart solution: the clip grip. This ingenious grip has been designed to fit with the Grad® clip and prevent the timber cladding from sliding. So the cladding stays in place without compromising its original, circular design. What’s more, the clip grip leaves room for the wood to dilate or contract.

Good to know

The clip grip does not interfere with the process of taking down cladding. It remains just as easy to remove with the help of a set of Grad® disassembly keys. After a new treatment or being freshened up, it is also easy to fit QuickClip® profiles back onto clips.

Moving towards circular construction

This tool is yet another illustration of our commitment to circular construction. In fact the clip grip provides a practical solution for moving boards and also represents substantial progress in terms of sustainability and circularity in the world of cladding. Professionals no longer need to use glue and can install cladding that lives up to the principles of circular construction. So this is our message: use clip grips and wave goodbye to glue for good. It’s the only way to fully benefit from the circularity of our QuickClip® cladding.

A clip grip on a Grad® clip
A clip grip
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