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Piano profile with a stylish open look


Architects and interior designers often prefer open joint cladding because they like its smart look and the playful effect of light and shade between the elements. But while appearance may have been the main consideration up to now, that is no longer necessarily the case.

Carpentier is proud to introduce an innovative solution that combines the sleek lines and appealing shadow effect of open joint cladding with the advantages of a closed joint system. This newly developed product is available in the vertical Piano profile in our range of thermo Clear Pine cladding. Painted black shading in the joints creates an illusion of depth that looks just like an open joint. This unique wood outdoor cladding and indoor panelling ingeniously recreates the look of ribbed cladding.

Wood panelling in office - HOTwood Clear Pine Piano QC with black stripes
Wood panelling - HOTwood Clear Pine Piano QC wtih black stripes

Naturally beautiful and sustainable

Sustainability is always a top priority for Carpentier, and when developing new products we start by looking for sustainable solutions. For one thing, we use only environmentally responsible wood varieties sourced from sustainably managed forests. Our Piano profile is made from thermo Clear Pine, a beautiful wood that is also extremely durable, stable and naturally free of knots. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor use, either untreated or with finishes such as brushing and oiling. The warm colour of unfinished heat-treated wood will develop a lovely, weathered patina over time, adding to its naturally elegant appearance.

As an option, we can add black stripes to create the effect of open joint cladding. To do this, we apply a sustainable, water-based paint to create a deep shadow effect that accentuates the sleek contours of a structure. As indoor panelling, the effect is dynamic. Since there are also several possibilities for the outer surfaces of the cladding, such as brushing or adding colour, interior designers and architects can let their imagination run wild. This innovative solution offers countless new design options.

HOTwood Clear Pine Piano QC brushed with black stripes
HOTwood Clear Pine Piano QC with black stripes

Why choose thermally treated wood cladding?

  • 100% environmentally responsible, with no chemicals used in production
  • Durability class I/II wood with a significantly longer lifespan
  • Improved stability thanks to lower moisture content
  • Better resistance to wood rot
  • Suitable for use with the invisible Grad® installation system: no visible nails or screws
  • Huge range of finishing options



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Quick, easy installation

The Piano profile is part of our QuickClip® range, which comes with the unique Grad® installation system. Quick, seamless installation of interior panelling and exterior cladding is guaranteed every time. That means significant time savings that can cut installation costs by up to 50%. And because our QuickClip® profiles can be disassembled and reused, they are the perfect circular construction material. Simply remove and clean them, alter the finish as needed, and then click them back into place - outstanding circularity for a reduced environmental footprint.

Did you know?

Our QuickClip® products are perfect for circular use. Simply clip the wooden profiles away using the set of dismantling keys - there is no risk of damage.

If desired, cladding can be fully dismantled and reassembled.

Make sure you never use glue, so as to ensure the circular nature of our QuickClip® products. The clip grip is a handy tool that protects circularity.

Circular construction with innovative products by Carpentier

For indoor and outdoor use

Our closed joint cladding in wood looks just like open joint cladding and can be used in a wide range of situations in both renovation and new-build projects. With a timber-frame extension, for example, our Piano profile cladding creates a contemporary look while offering great protection against the elements.

Indoors, this innovative profile serves as a particularly elegant design element. Thanks to its refined lines, wood panelling is a beautiful addition to any space. It can even be applied to ceilings. The Piano profile is an outstanding choice for offices, restaurants and hotels. The black stripes add visual interest to the space and the panelling itself improves acoustics and reduces reverberations.

HOTwood Clear Pine cladding Piano QC with black stripes
Wood panelling in thermo Clear Pine Piano QC with black stripes

Did you know?

Our QuickClip® wood panelling and ceilings have been awarded CIRCULAR Hotel-Interior certification for ecodesign and lifespan extension, making them a guaranteed circular solution for interior design in the hotel sector.

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