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System refinements for even more architectural options


A world of new possibilities

We are continually improving and refining our installation systems to help architects and other wood professionals create original, seamless facade designs in wood. Thanks to our latest development, gluing is no longer necessary when installing profiles perpendicular to the facade. Instead, they can be simply clicked onto a grooved aluminium block, with no visible nails or screws. This innovative solution not only ensures unparalleled aesthetic results, it is also an environmentally responsible choice, since the timber cladding can be easily disassembled and reused as desired. In other words, the system makes an excellent contribution to the circular economy. Moreover, installation is quick and easy, which is a bonus for the fitter.

An innovative system for seamless installation

Perpendicular installation of profiles on aluminium blocks
Improved installation system for perpendicular profiles

Uni line wood cladding profiles combine style and sustainability

Naturally, we also developed a QuickClip® profile featuring this innovative solution. Our Uni line cladding is suitable for circular use and comes in HOTwood ash: the perfect combination of contemporary design and sustainability. The stylish Uni line profile has a sleek, modern design in which perpendicular profiles can add relief when mixed in with the main 20x65mm cladding profiles. The clean lines remain unbroken, even continuing around the corners of the structure.

Uni line is available in two variants, each with its own appeal. These are Uni line 40 QC and Uni line 65 QC: the names refer to the depth of the profile. Embrace creative design options by alternating the colours of the main and perpendicular profiles. Whichever look you prefer, you can be sure of an eye-catching facade.

Simple, seamless installation

The most exciting feature of this new addition to our range of thermo ash cladding is its invisible, circular installation system. Just like our other QuickClip® profiles, Uni line comes with the unique Grad® installation system, consisting of aluminium joists with pre-mounted clips. Installation is quick and easy: just click main profiles into place. The latest innovation was the addition of aluminium blocks that make it easy to add perpendicular profiles. The Uni line QuickClip® profile is now completely circular in use, and can be taken apart with a set of Grad® disassembly keys for maintenance or reuse.

Uni line 65 QC with entirely seamless installation

Plenty of scope for designers

Uni line offers virtually unlimited opportunities for variation, with profile depths of 40mm and 65mm and colours that can be combined in myriad ways. For instance, how about integrating pre-weathered perpendicular profiles into a foundation of black cladding, or even combining red and black? Stunning results can also be achieved with monochrome designs, just like the project below. Whatever finish you choose, the bold lines will ensure a beautiful interplay of light and shade

Home design featuring pre-weathered Uni line wood cladding
Seamless installation of pre-weathered Uni line profile on facade and letter box
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