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Sustainable forest management: a long-term priority


FSC®/ PEFC label

Sustainable forest management is a matter of increasing importance, and it is crucial for our future. And while planting trees is a great initiative, it is not nearly enough. For this reason, we have strict policies in place to ensure that all of our wood comes from forests that are managed responsibly and legally. And did you know that Carpentier was one of the first Belgian companies to be awarded PEFC and FSC® certificates? We are proud to have gained our FSC® certification (CTIB-COC-001183 - license number: C02390) on 9 February 1999 and our PEFC certification (CTIB-TCHN 1182 - license number: PEFC/07-31-32) in October 2005. As a result of this, end users can be confident that all of Carpentier’s wood products are sourced exclusively from sustainably managed forests.

FSC and PEFC label | Carpentier Hardwood Solutions


Forest owners must meet very strict criteria in order to qualify for certification. For instance, tree felling must take place responsibly, and a forest must be given time to recover after trees are removed. Besides requirements for forest management, both certification organisations work to protect social, environmental and economic interests. Independent certification institutes supervise the process and monitor every link in the production chain, from the forest itself to the way the wood products are used in construction projects. Certification is only awarded if the entire chain of custody (CoC) is found to be in order.

Sustainable wood is often a requirement

Demand for certified sustainable wood is increasing, and in some cases its use is required by law. When there is a stipulation that only PEFC or FSC® certified wood may be used for a particular project, the contractor must purchase wood from a supplier who can prove their certification. Since Carpentier is fully certified, we are the ideal partner to provide wood products for your project, whether it involves timber cladding, decking, gates, fencing, roof boards or even an entire timber-frame construction.

Environmentally responsible wood varieties that are PEFC and/or FSC® certified

Carpentier focuses mainly on European wood varieties. These have been produced for generations in environmentally responsible, properly managed forests, in contrast to most tropical hardwoods. All of the wood varieties we offer are highly sustainable by nature, and they are also available with FSC® and/or PEFC certification. As a circular building material, they are particularly suitable for specially designed or architecturally unique applications in an interior or exterior setting. You can read more about the outstanding qualities and range of uses for each of the sustainable wood varieties we offer. We have also recently expanded our range of environmentally responsible products for interior and exterior use. Find out more here.

Just as affordable

In practice, PEFC en FSC® certified wood is no more expensive than non-certified wood. That means there is no reason to think twice before opting for sustainable, certified wood products. When you do, you can be confident that they originate from healthy, sustainably managed forests. What’s more, you will be making a choice that is good for the environment. During their lifespan, trees absorb CO2 and return oxygen to the air. They function as the lungs of our planet, and we are dependent on them to help limit global warming. This is more important today than ever before, as evidenced by the promise made by more than 100 world leaders who met at the Glasgow climate summit in November this year: an end to deforestation around the world by 2030.

Additonal efforts for even more sustainable products

At Carpentier, we have rolled up our own sleeves in a bid to help reduce the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere. In 2021, in cooperation with Go Forest, we planted more than 600 trees in Armenia and 100 bamboo plants in the Peruvian Amazon region. Looking forward to 2022, we have already committed ourselves to plant 10% to 20% more trees than we did this year. In this way, we aim to make a positive impact for our planet’s future. 

Carpentier certificate Go Forest

Besides this, we also do our utmost to keep this precious resource in circulation for as long as possible, by designing products that can be either reused or repurposed. A great example of this is our QuickClip® profile range. These unique profiles can be easily removed using a set of dismantling keys and re-installed elsewhere. They are available in a range of environmentally responsible wood varieties and are an excellent option for exterior cladding, decking, gates, fencing, ceiling panels and more.

In recognition of our efforts to promote sustainability, we were recently awarded the 2021 Voka Charter for Sustainable Entrepreneurship. And we have already signed up for the next round!