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Results of acoustic tests available online


The trend for industrial-themed decor is gaining ground, and it is now a popular look for homes, offices and restaurants. Featuring high ceilings, steel window frames, and concrete floors and walls, this is an environment of hard surfaces and often uncomfortable acoustics as sounds bounce around the space. Acoustic issues cause undesired resonation and can even lead to physical complaints such as headaches, tiredness, stress and problems with concentration. Carpentier’s acoustic ceiling panels create an optimal acoustic effect that helps eliminate these problems. Their outstanding performance has now been confirmed by the certified lab Daidalos Peutz. Therefore, you can be sure that our panels will contribute to a healthy and comfortable interior climate with a beneficial effect on general wellbeing and productivity.

Circular ceiling panels for acoustic solutions

At Carpentier, we understand the importance of good acoustics. With this in mind, we developed acoustic ceiling panels in wood that help reduce reverberation. Their unique construction enables them to absorb sound waves and ensure perfect acoustics. Moreover, their beautiful design will complement any interior decor style. And just to make sure, we can finish panels according to each customer’s exact specifications, for example by pre-weathering, brushing, charring or oiling in any colour. If tastes change later on, the panels can be easily clicked out using a set of disassembly keys, refinished as desired, and clicked back into place. All in all, this means that with our acoustic ceiling panels, you can be sure that your interior is sustainable and in line with today’s circular building philosophy.

Test results and sound absorption classes

Our acoustic ceiling panels can make a substantial difference in a home or work environment, helping to make spaces feel calmer. To monitor this difference, we provided several panels from our range to a certified acoustics testing lab, Daidalos Peutz, for evaluation. The results are now available online (see ‘downloads’), so you can compare sound absorption performance and choose the right product for your needs. Every space is different, and the setting must also be considered when determining the correct spacing between panels. Depending on which QuickClip® profile is used, the gap will vary from 5mm (sound absorption class D) to 40mm (sound absorption class B/C). Whatever configuration you choose, our smart systems ensure perfect alignment and quick and easy installation every time.

Installing acoustic ceiling panels

Watch the video to see just how easy it is to create an acoustic ceiling in wood using our sound-absorbing panels - whatever the design.

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