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Why choose Accoya wood?


Accoya wood is an increasingly popular choice for sustainable construction projects. As an environmentally responsible softwood, it combines a low CO2 footprint with outstanding performance. And with a guaranteed lifespan of 50 years you can be confident of its long-term durability.

Advantages of Accoya wood

Accoya is a modified softwood sourced from quick-growing trees in sustainably managed, FSC®-certified forests. The wood undergoes an environmentally friendly treatment known as acetylation, which changes its molecular compounds. Toxin-free and environmentally friendly, acetylation leaves wood with outstanding properties that outperform even the most durable tropical wood varieties. For one thing, altering the cell structure of the wood greatly improves its dimensional stability, which means that the solid wood remains free of visible shrinkage, swelling and distortion even under the most challenging weather conditions. Durability is also substantially enhanced, with wood becoming resistant to both wood rot and a wide range of insects, even termites. Moreover, the treatment gives Accoya even better resistance to UV damage, while still allowing a variety of finishing options. 

The modification process has no effect on the natural structural bonds within the wood, nor does it involve toxic products of any kind. This means that Accoya wood is 100% circular and recyclable. In fact, products such as our Accoya decking boards and Accoya exterior cladding actually remove CO2 from the atmosphere throughout their lifespan in use - which means they have a climate-positive effect. In short: there are plenty of reasons to choose this attractive wood variety for your outdoor projects!

Advantages of Accoya wood

  • Durability class I
  • High dimensional stability
  • Excellent shape retention
  • 100% solid wood
  • 100% sustainable
  • Free of knots and flaws
  • 100% rot resistant
  • Low maintenance
  • Easy to use
  • Beautiful natural weathering
  • Wide range of finishing options
  • Circular
  • Fully recyclable
  • CO2-positive


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Projects for Accoya wood

Accoya is a perfect choice for outdoor projects, and ideal for exterior cladding and decking. Accoya cladding is extremely attractive, working well in both minimalist architectural settings and more rustic looks. Carpentier’s standard range includes three beautiful open profiles. In combination with the invisible Grad installation system, these smart, ready-to-use QuickClip® profiles ensure rapid installation and perfect alignment every time. Moreover, they make cladding 100% circular. If your customer’s tastes change later on, all you need to do is click the boards away, apply any desired finish to the Accoya wood, and click them back into place. 

Accoya decking boards offer the same advantages in combination with the unique Grad installation system. Thanks to this system, decks come together quicker than ever and always look perfect. What’s more, Accoya decking boards require little to no maintenance - and they feel lovely under bare feet. Left untreated, these luxurious decking boards develop a beautifully weathered patina over time.

Accoya terrasplanken zacht voor de voeten
Accoya gevelbekleding

Considerations with Accoya wood

While Accoya offers plenty of advantages, it may not be the right choice for every project. Even so, our innovative developments leave plenty of options open.

  • Accoya wood may be relatively expensive, but it is undeniably worth every penny spent. To start, it is incredibly durable. With a guaranteed lifespan of 50 years, this is wood that will last a lifetime. On top of that, the Accoya QuickClip® products that we have developed are 100% circular.
  • Because tannic acid is present in Accoya wood, black spots may appear when it comes in contact with galvanised or stainless steel screws. But this needn’t be an issue, since our unique installation system eliminates the need for screws altogether.

Finishing options

Planing, brushing, charring, oiling: with so many finishes available for Accoya wood, design options are virtually unlimited. This is a particular advantage in renovation projects, where maintaining the integrity of the original building style can present challenges. Whether the project calls for a modern, rustic or classic appearance, the huge range of options for this solid wood variety will enable you to create exactly the look you want, and to be confident of great results. Accoya’s great stability and enhanced UV-resistance also prolong the lifespan of any finish applied to it. 

Alongside the particularly modern appearance of the natural, unfinished wood, a black finish and a pre-weathered effect achieved with oil are among the most popular choices for Accoya cladding. Charring gives Accoya an unusual surface structure that is completely distinct from all other wood varieties - and it will certainly make your cladding an eye-catching feature.

Accoya decks are generally left unfinished. Over time, the wood develops a gorgeous, naturally weathered look that will look beautiful in any garden. 

Accoya gevelbekleding garagepoort met zwarte afwerking
Accoya gevelbekleding met grijze olie