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XXL shutters made to measure


We introduced our XXL shutters to architects and outdoor living design professionals during the inspirational inNOAvations. The response at the event was overwhelming. People were particularly impressed with the uniqueness of the new, extra large louvers.

XXL shutters with adjustable louvers

Functional solutions with architectural appeal

Our existing wooden shutters with adjustable louvers were already perfect for many interior and exterior uses. And our new XXL shutters lend themselves to even more indoor and outdoor projects.

Thanks to a sturdy design in thermal ash, we can create extra long slats to your exact specifications. HOTwood ash is an environmentally responsible wood variety that is also very stable, which makes it the perfect choice when long lengths are needed. Since the frame surrounding the XXL louvers is also in thermal ash, it is just as stable and not prone to warping. And with the moving parts of the adjustable louvers very streamlined with no screws visible, all you see is the natural beauty of the wood.

XXL shutters can serve as sun protection, room dividers or wind sreens. The adjustable louvers make it easy to transition from a full view of the surroundings to complete privacy and shelter from sun and wind. But besides being a multi-functional solution, our XXL shutters will also become an attractive architectural feature in any home or garden.

Curious? Arrange your visit to NOA Outdoor Living in Kruisem or make an appointment to visit our renovated showroom in Meulebeke. You will be able to check out our XXL shutters at both locations.