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Seamless acoustic ceiling panels


Reverberation is a common nuisance in contemporary living and office spaces. Sounds bounce off hard building materials such as glass and concrete, resulting in poor acoustics. When these waves are absorbed instead, reverberation is reduced and acoustics improve considerably.

Carpentier’s acoustic ceiling panels have a high degree of sound absorption, making them an outstanding and durable solution for improving the acoustics of any space. They consist of a 25mm sound-absorbent glass wool slab and one of our many solid wood QuickClip® profiles with open spacing. The open spacing between the slats ensures optimum sound absorption, resulting in ideal acoustics.

Our sound absorbing ceiling panels are not only a high-performing solution for good acoustics, but also a beautiful addition to any space. And with our wide range of finishing options zthey can be integrated seamlessly into any interior design plan.

Our convenient suspension system makes it simple to install the ceiling panels neatly and at exactly the required height. In the video below, see for yourself just how easy and safe it is for a building professional to install our acoustic ceiling panels.

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