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HOTwood clear pine Rhombus QC

HOTwood clear pine Rhombus QC SB1QC
Rhombus QC SB1QC- technisch profiel horizontale plaatsing


Product specifications

Profile: 20 x 65 x 2700mm or more
Interval of 2mm
4 sides smooth round edged
Fitted with groove on underside
Including the QuickClip® system, consisting of aluminium joists (12 x 55mm)
with pre-mounted clips for placement at 60cm intervals

For optimal protection, we recommend applying a finish with a UV-resistant oil or paint prior to installation, with the finish regularly reapplied before it wears off. If you leave your Clear Pine cladding uncoated, dust and other airborne particles are more likely to adhere to the porous surface of the natural wood.
Our most popular finish: natural look

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